We work with clients from beginning to end, guiding them through each stage of production.  We have the talent and the skills to hand to fulfil projects spanning a range of different requirements and logistical challenges.  With complimentary post-production expertise at Firethought we can assure that great video content is given a well-polished finish.


From what started as pocket money on particle tools has developed into a vast collection of Industry- standard applications.  Utilising THE FOUNDRY’s Production Collective we apply our creative skill set to visualise your future products and services.


Video content shouldn’t have to stand on it’s own, separate from more conventional marketing materials. We strive to integrate video into your existing branding guidelines in a manner that honours your core values.  From small business to established institution, brand continuity is essential and is expected in today’s media landscape. 


Firethought is trusted by a diverse range of clients ranging from Public Bodies, Charities to International organisations.  The company boasts a broad skill set born from years cutting in the edit suite as well as ample experience in radio and outdoor event broadcasting.


Firethought wants to work with you to craft exciting moving imagery expanding and engaging your social media following.  One off promotional or a full blown campaign we aim to use our video marketing expertise to help you seize new creative opportunities from a growing array of video centric platforms utilised by millions.


Unlike many others in the industry we don’t quote on the spot or promote a fixed price Bronze, Silver, and Gold offering. Every offering should be a Gold offering!  We feel it’s important to build a firm understanding of the business proposition and design the production in a way that best supports your message.

So, you’re interested in Video Production?   Lets talk about developing your video content.

Are there still questions that remain unanswered?   No worries. We hope all can be answered in our FAQ section.