This is the FAQ, also know as Frequently Asked Questions.  We understand in this field of work each project provides it’s own individual questions that we are tasked to find solutions to. In this case we’d recommend you get in touch so we can provide a professional opinion on the matter.


That aside these are the most frequently asked questions that are encountered during client consultation.  


If you still can’t find what you are looking for click on the link at the bottom of the page.  Equally you can send us a tweet @firethought and we’ll be on the case.

Do you offer a free consultation?

We are happy to offer free consultation over the Phone, video conference or visit your business within a 25 mile radius of our office.  

Do you really offer a complete solution?

We offer a complete solution taking a project from idea to media product.  This encompasses all sections of Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production sections.  In our “Creation Process” diagrams we offer an insight of the experience on the client’s side without all the technical jargon.

You can view the process here:

How much is this going to cost?

Prices vary depending on our involvement in a project.  If you are meeting a budget then we would be more than happy to work with you to devise ways to meet your criteria within the boundaries set by the budget.  We are no stranger to finding ground breaking, innovative solutions delivered on budget.


We accept a number of payment methods including BACS and online Stripe payments (under 1000GBP) .  Check the Payments and Deposits section for more information:

How long will the end product be?

This depends on many variables.  We create media products varying from 20 second GIFs to 10 minute documentaries. It all comes down to platform, purpose  and target audience.  We are more than happy to consult you on choosing an end product that achieves your targets and business objectives.

Statistically the optimum timing for a Youtube clip is 2 minutes and less for social media driven content.

What is Firethought?

Great question.  Check out the “About us” section to find out more.

Can you shoot the film so we can edit?

By all means yes.  However this isn’t something we usually recommend due to the disparity in quality that can occur.  We have been faced with several occasions where clients with the ambition to edit themselves simply underestimated the task at hand and have had to commission us to finish the product. It isn’t the most effective of cost saving exercises.

Can we shoot and you edit the footage?

Once again, yes.  We find that this is becoming more and more common with the accessibility of video production equipment becoming a part of daily life.  Nothing can replace industry experience and years of knowledge but we’d be happy to consult on the best use of your material.


For business looking to frequently produce in house content we offer ft_toolkit service. We work with your company to produce high quality transparent animated assets to heighten the production value of your in-house content.  Find out more here:

I don't know what I want!

That’s fine. We will work with you to find the solution that best suites your business needs.

What resolution will my final video be?

All work is produced to the HD standard (1920 X 1080) however we understand not all installations are made the same.  For those using digital displays or utilising projection mapping technologies we can customise artwork to fit your specification regardless of surface.


We also cater for social media platforms with unconventional formats.  We’ll help you make the most of the space and get your brand get noticed in innovative new platforms.


If requested we can also produce content to the new 4K standard.  This offers a element of future proofing in an ever changing media landscape.

What camera do you use?

In this industry the cameras change with the seasons.  We utilise professional high quality lenses with the latest sensors to help provide your business with the fluid imagery needed to make an impact on your audience.

If you have a need for more elaborate production setups we have a network of professionals we work with to help facilitate Aerial videography, underwater videography and various other Audio Visual needs.

I don’t look good on camera!

We will work with you to make sure your appearance on camera isn’t the painful experience you envisage.  Appropriate lighting, on hand expertise and a displayed script via teleprompter can work wonders. If you still feel uncomfortable about appearing in media products we work with voiceover artists and actors that can offer a professional front and an appropriate tone for your business.

When can we expect the video to be complete?

Times vary depending on the project.  For larger projects that are dependant on seasonal conditions the wait can be slightly longer.  

For a 3 minute promotional piece we like to aim for 4 – 5 weeks from concept to delivery.  Strong cooperation between Firethought and Client can result in an extremely fast turnaround.  The most common cause for delay in a project we find is through analysis of feedback on the clientside. If feedback can be quickly provided turnaround is often delivered ahead of schedule

Can you provide a same day service?

Caught short for an event? We can adapt to meet extremely tight deadlines. Call us with your brief and we’ll work to beat the clock and deliver the solution you require.

How will my project be delivered?

We we privately host the video in a secure online directory for you to access 24/7.  If you loose the file on your end rest assured a backup will always be to hand.  Forgotten the file.  You can access the file and play it in browser.  Gone are the days of sending memory sticks through the post… However if this is what you wish we can accommodate for this.