Deliver your video marketing campaign in style with Firethought's Animation services. Animated tiles, responsive particle systems, 3D models we put our skills to work and make it happen.

It’s almost a century since Walt Disney’s famous sound synced animation Steamboat Willie ushered in a golden age of animation inviting audiences to explore a black and white yet visually rich world of stylised characters and exaggerated movement. Technique has come a long way but animation’s capability of dazzle and amazing is more effective than ever before thanks to technological advances.


3D computer graphics allows for unprecedented exploration of your product or idea.  From simple product visualisation for advertising, a dynamic background for a trade show event or simulation of atomic particles for an educational environment animation can help you show your product or message in depth images just fail to capture.


Firethought is here to help you develop stunning animated assets for your company to show off with pride.  We’ve put together a short video to present the common ways that animation can be implemented into your organisation’s video.


Animation implemented correctly can heighten the production value of the piece resulting in higher perceived value in your offering.


Working high production animation into your marketing strategy improves ROI with audiences more likely to engage, react and share content as well as subscribe to your media outlets.


Let's say the brief involves a simulation of spaceflight. It’s far more cost effective and practical to build a CGI scene than facilitate spaceflight. It does sound quite exciting though...


Explore deeper creative depths and push and extend your brand transcending the current limitations of traditional print based media. Make your brand part of the bigger picture.


Designers can go all out devising assets and characters that visual stimulate, fascinate and engage. Leaving your audience with a vivid representation of your message.


Some demographics are simply more susceptible if the message is broadcast through animated means. Use this to your advantage when developing marketing materials.

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We make the most of peoples desire to share good content by designing your project around scale-ability and creating truly cross-platform campaigns.


Cutting out the technical jargon, here are the five step that Firethought takes when approaching a client project.  Every project is different each with its own challenges and rewarding opportunities however the majority will follow the structure below:

  • Consult

    Following any initial consultation we aim to develop a greater understanding of your product and services either through a company site visit or via video conference.

  • Outline

    With the ideas and brief from the consultation to hand Firethought will draft a project outline alongside a quote for the required work.

  • Visualise

    On agreement work begins on creating the storyboards the artists will reference. On completion the work is presented to the client for feedback before production.

  • Create

    At this stage we get on with the task at hand utilising our creative talents to produce the commissioned work. Our favourite section.

  • Launch

    With the rendering finished and final revision to hand you now have the material to help launch your brand.

Take a look at how Firethought’s animation services have helped clients develop their businesses video marketing.  Watch our case studies:

So, you’re interested in Animation?   Lets talk about making the most of animation for your business.