Investing in creative video is a smart move in a world that fast moving towards video to communicate its messages and sell its products.

Moving imagery has been with us for just over a century now.  Video holds the power to provoke a whole host of feelings and emotions boasting an unparalleled level of audience engagement.  Since it’s early implementations  creative filmakers have given us some of the most iconic imagery ever created.  Harness this power to draw new customers to your offering or encourage repeat custom and brand loyalty from existing clients.


Tech juggernaut Cisco states in it’s white paper on the subject that “By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic“.  Looking forward video will become a bigger share of the media week consume.


Global Marketing consultancy Nielsen claims 64% of marketers expect video to dominate future marketing strategies.


Firethought is here to develop your future video content.  Please watch our short video above or read the benefits of creative video content below.


Image is everything. A professional video representation of your product or service can be used to affirm your position in the market in instil confidence in your customers.


Take advantage of the viral nature we share and communicate information “Network Effect” and drive up consumer interest.


Hit the ground running whether it be in a heated pitch situation, retail environment or at a business event. Let well crafted visuals communicate your message.


Many academic papers stress the importance of visuals in the retention of messages. Capitalise on this with clever imagery and leave a lasting memory of your proposition.


Google favours those who integrate video content into their sites. Video won’t solve all your Search Engine Optimisation problems but it’ll help you climb higher, faster.


Strive and broaden your audiences past geographical boundaries. Online video allows for users based all over the world to engage providing ample opportunity for business development.

Got an ambitious idea but worried about production logistics and cost? Check out Firethought’s Animation services.


We make the most of peoples desires to share good content designing your project around scale-ability and creating truly cross-platform campaigns.


Cutting out the technical jargon, here are the five step that Firethought takes when approaching a client project.  Every project is different each with its own challenges and rewarding opportunities however the majority will follow the structure below:

  • Consult

    Following any initial consultation we aim to develop a greater understanding of your product and services either through a company site visit or via video conference.

  • Outline

    With the ideas and brief from the consultation to hand Firethought will draft a project outline alongside a quote for the required work.

  • Visualise

    On agreement work begins on creating the storyboards the artists will reference. On completion the work is presented to the client for feedback before production.

  • Create

    At this stage we get on with the task at hand utilising our creative talents to produce the commissioned work. Our favourite section.

  • Launch

    With the rendering finished and final revision to hand you now have the material to help launch your brand.

Take a look at how Firethought’s video production services have helped clients develop their businesses.  Watch our case studies:

So, you’re interested in Video Production.  Lets talk about how our services can develop new business for you.