Meridian School of English

Animation, Education, Film, Motion Graphics
Animation, Education, Media, Motion Graphics, social media, Video
About This Project

Firethought worked with Meridian School of English to create a modern, clean and contemporary template for their student testimonials. Originally the videos had been edited in house and despite the content being broadly very good the video din’t fit with the print and web material.  Firethought worked with the administration staff at Tellus Group to identify ways that their brand could be integrated into animated video elements.


The pieces included many flexible animated elements including a global map graphic and a lower thirds set with interchangeable flag graphics. Everything was built from the ground up with the client’s needs and objectives in mind.  The piece was designed to be clean, scale able and forward thinking.


In accordance with British Council advice, on screen “open captions” were provided.


The result of the project were a series of seven pieces built on a highly flexible template that could be changed and tweaked for use in other Tellus Group institutions.